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            Ph.D. Theses

          1. Maniadakis, M. (2006). Design and Integration of Agent- based Partial Brain Models for Robotic Systems by means of Hierarchical Cooperative CoEvolution. July 2006.
          2. Foka, A.F. (2005). Predictive Autonomus Robot Navigation. June 2005.
          3. Baltzakis, H. (2004). A Hybrid Framework for mobile Robot Navigation Modelling with Switching State Space Networks. February 2004.
          4. Zampoulis, X. (2002). Perceptually Relevant Mechanisms for the Description and Retrieval of Visual Information. February 2002.
          5. Lourakis, E. (1999). Navigation of Autonomous Robotic Systems Based on the Analysis of Visual Motion. March 1999.
          6. Argyros, A. A. (1996). Visual Detection of Independent 3D Motion by a Moving Observer. November 1996.
          7. Petrakis, E. (1993). Image Representation , Indexing and Retrieval Based on Spatial Relationships and Properties of Objects. December 1993.
          8. Damianakis, A. (1992). Towards a methodology for efficient parallel implementation of image analysis tasks. August 1992.
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