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        1. Tzevanidis, K. (2011). GPU-powered multi-camera 3D reconstruction based on optimized foreground detection
        2. Papoutsakis, K. (2010). Visual Object Tracking and Segmentation in a Closed Loop. October 2010.
        3. Oikonomidis, I. (2009). Deforable 2D Shape Matching based on Shap Contexts and Dynamic Programming. April 2009.
        4. Sigalas, M. (2009). Probabilistic Hand Gesture Recognition. April 2009.
        5. Avgouleas, I. (2009). Simultaneous Tracking of Multiple Moving Humans from a Robotic System. November 2009.
        6. Floros, G. (2009). Vision based tracking of a 3D model of a human hand. 2009.
        7. Kyriazis, N. (2009). Επαγωγή Γραμματικής Ελεύθερης Συμφραζομένων από Παρατήρηση Δομημένων Χρονικών Διαδικασιών . April 2009.
        8. Karagiorgaki, M. (2009). Χρήση Περιγραφών Εικόνας βασισμένων στην Τοπική Αυτο-ομοιότητα για Τμηματοποίηση Υφής και Ανίχνευση Αντικειμένων . April 2009.
        9. Sarmis, Th. (2006). Development of a vision system for event detection and process monitoring in the context of industrial automation applications. April 2006.
        10. Markaki, M. (2005). Computational role of modulation of excitability in a CA1 hippocampal pyramidal neuron during aging. April 2005.
        11. Papachristou, Ch. (2005). Development of a robotic platform: Hardware and software for control, perception and movement. April 2005.
        12. Kanterakis, A. (2005). Gene Selection and Clustering Microarray Data: The Minegene System. 2005.
        13. Flouri, K. (2005). Iterative graph based algorithm for colored images using non parametric statistical tests. April 2005.
        14. Chatzopoulos, K. (2004). Advanced Techniques for Extracting Dense Point Correspondences in Stereo Image Pairs. April 2004.
        15. Dimitriadis, S. (2002). An Image Retrieval Platform Based on a Biologically Inspired Architecture. December 2002.
        16. Raxenidis, V. (2000). An Object Oriented Approach for the Development of Multi-Modal Travel Planning System. March 2000.
        17. Akoumianakis, G. (2000). Criterion estimation for safely navigating robots using a panoramic camera. November 2000.
        18. Christofis, K. (2000). Knowledge Discovery form Distributed and Heterogeneous Databases: A Clinical Informations Systems Application. June 2000.
        19. Chalkiadakis, G. (1999). An Agent Based Architecture for the Conduction of Voting. November 1999.
        20. Gkaravelos, Th. (1999). Document Image Management in Multimedia Archival Systems. March 1999.
        21. Baltzakis, H. (1999). Extraction of 3d space features from 2d image data. November 1999.
        22. Tzourmpakis, St. (1999). Feature Correspondence Using the Geometry of Scenes Containing at least Two Planes. November 1999.
        23. Tzova, E. (1999). Grouping of Image Features on Principles of Perceptual organization. November 1999.
        24. Traka, M. (1999). Panoramic Views Composition from an Image Sequence. November 1999.
        25. Liapis, S. (1999). Texture and Colour Feature Extraction for Image Segmentation and Retrieval. November 1999.
        26. Gkrinias, I. (1999). Video Content Analysis. November 1999.
        27. Tsonis, V. (1998). Autonomous Landmark Based Navigation using Projective and Permutation Invariants. November 1998.
        28. Artavanis, A. (1998). Navigation of a robotic system on a predefined path. November 1998.
        29. Chalkidis, S. (1998). Planar feature matching of views related through general projective transformations through the use of geometric invariants. 1998.
        30. Zampoulis, X. (1998). Use of autonomous software entities in the resource management of an emergency prehospital medical system. June 1998.
        31. Zikos, M. (1997). Agent Based Architecture for the Support of Distributed Information Processing Services. November 1997.
        32. Komontakis, N. (1997). E- D Motion Estimation and Image Depth Layering. November 1997.
        33. Velissaris, S. (1997). Indoor navigation of a robot using visual information. March 1997.
        34. Patras, I. (1997). Joint disparity and motion field estimation in stereoscopic image sequences. March 1997.
        35. Vamvaka, D. (1996).  Space reduction in image retrieval systems and image matching based on attributed relational graphs. November 1996.
        36. Paragyios, N. (1996). Adaptive detection and location of moving objects in image sequences. 1996.
        37. Varvara, M. (1996). Implementation of a Gaze Stabilization System for a Stereo Active Vision Head. November 1996.
        38. Stogiannidis, A. (1995). Algorithms using sign-alternation patterns to locate FOE and AOR areas in the case of egomotion. November 1995.
        39. Lourakis, E. (1995). An alternative approach for studing space perceprion: Use of ordinal instead of metric depth. April 1995.
        40. Kostomanolakis, S. (1994). A model supporting persistent objects and its use in developing an image management system. October 1994.
        41. Charis, K. (1994). Ενας Υβριδικός Αλγόριθμος για την Τμηματοποίηση Δισδιάστατων και Τρισδιάστατων Εικόνων . December 1994.
        42. Konchylakis, G. (1994). Μηχανισμός Επιλογής Σωστών Ενεργειών από Αυτόνομα Οντα για την Επίτευξη Συγκεκριμένων Στόχων . October 1994.
        43. Chatzimichalis, G. (1993). Analysis of Optimum Filters for Image Segmentation. June 1993.
        44. Kavaklis, I. (1993). Design and Implementation of the Linda model on distributed memory machines. December 1993.
        45. Gkagka, E. (1993). Χρήση Γνώσης του Πεδίου Εφαρμογής για την Ενίσχυση των Επαγωγικών Μηχανισμών Μάθησης Μέσω Παραδειγμάτων . May 1993.
        46. Mantzios, A. (1992). DigiLABY - Ένα Εργαλείο για Σχεδίαση και Προσομοίωση Ψηφιακών Κυκλωμάτων. October 1992.
        47. Argyros, A. A. (1992). Αλγόριθμοι Ανακατανομής Υπολογιστικού Φορτίου για Παράλληλες Υλοποιήσεις Διεργασιών Ανάλυσης Εικόνων . December 1992.
        48. Schoinas, I. (1991). A model for implemention of distributed data structures. September 1991.
        49. Bempis, G. (1991). Model-Based object recogniton using multiresolution segmentation and artificial neural networks. September 1991.
        50. Damianakis, A. (1989). Image Analysis using the Relaxation Labelin method. March 1989.
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