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      1. Karamaounas, P., Zacharopoulos, A., Hatzigiannakis, K., Andrianakis, M., Melessanaki, K., & Zabulis, X. (2016). Multispectral image registration based on keypoint matching and homography estimation for cultural heritage artifacts. 2016.TR464_multispectralImage.pdf.
      2. Papagiannakis, G., Argento, E.A., Baka, E.B., Maniadakis, M., & Trahanias, P.E. (2015). A virtual reality brainwave entrainment method for human augmentation applications. 2015.TR458_VIRTUAL_REALITY_BRAINWAVE.pdf.
      3. Ntelidakis, A., Zabulis, X., & Koutlemanis, P. (2015). Lateral touch detection and localization for interactive, augmented planar surfacesy. 2015.TR_459_LateralTouchDetection.pdf.
      4. Papaefthymiou, M.P, Plelis, K.P, Mavromatis, D.M., & Papagiannakis, G. (2015). Mobile Virtual Reality Featuring a six degrees of freedom interaction paradigm in a virtual museum application. 2015.TR462_Mobile_Virtual_Reality_Freedom_Interaction.pdf.
      5. Argyros, A. A., Oikonomidis, I., & Kyriazis, N. (2011). A GPU-powered computational framework for efficient 3D model-based vision. 2011.TR420_GPU-powered_computational_framework.pdf.
      6. Zabulis, X., & Karamaounas, P. (2011). Capillaroscope. 2011.TR417_Capillaroscope.pdf.
      7. Schellenberg, R., Tato, M., & Papagiannakis, G. (2011). From Real to Virtual Rapid Architectural Prototyping. 2011.TR425_Virtual_Rapid_Architectural_Prototyping.pdf.
      8. Zabulis, X., Manikis, G., & Karamaounas, P. (2011). Retinal Images Analyzer. 2011.TR416_Retinal_Images_Analyzer.pdf.
      9. Sarmis, T., Zabulis, X., & Argyros, A. A. (2009, August). A checkerboard detection utility for intrinsic and extrinsic camera cluster calibration. Technical Report FORTH-ICS / TR-397. August.
      10. Foka, A.F., & Trahanias, P.E. (2005). Real-Time_Hierarchical POMDPs for Autonomous Robot Navigation. Technical Report Technical report no 3472005.TR347_Real-Time_Hierarchical_POMDPs.pdf.
      11. Sfakiotakis, M., & Tsakiris, D.P. (2004). SIMUUN: A Simulation Environment for Undulatory Locomotion. 2004.TR343_Simulation_Environment_Undulatory_Locomotion.pdf.
      12. Lourakis, M.I.A., & Argyros, A. A. (2004). The design and implementation of a generic sparse bundle adjustment software package based on the levenberg-marquardt algorithm. http://www.scientificcommons.org/43381690, CiteSeerX - Scientific Literature Digital Library and Search Engine [http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/oai2] (United States).
      13. Lourakis, M.I.A., & Argyros, A. A. (2004). The Design and Implementation of a Generic Sparse Bundle Adjustment Software Package Based on the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm. 2004.TR340_Sparse_Bundle_Adjustment_SW_Package.pdf.
      14. Lourakis, M.I.A., & Argyros, A. A. (2003). Efficient 3D Camera Matchmoving Using Markerless, Segmentation-Free Plane Tracking. 2003.TR324.3D_Camera_Matchmoving_Using_Plane_Tracking.pdf.
      15. Tsakiris, D.P., Argyros, A. A., & Groyer, C. (2003). Experiments in Corridor Following with Nonholonomic Mobile Robots Equipped with Panoramic Cameras. Technical Report FORTH-ICS TR-318
      16. Argyros, A. A., Bekris, K., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (2001). Robot Homing based on Panoramic Vision. 2001.TR287_Robot_Homing_Panoramic_Vision.ps.gz.
      17. Tsakiris, D.P., & Argyros, A. A. (2000). Nonholonomic Mobile Robots Equipped with Panoramic Cameras: Corridor Following. 2000.TR272.Nonholonomic_Mobile_Robots_Panoramic_Cameras.ps.gz.
      18. Krishnaprasad, P.S., & Tsakiris, D.P. (2000). Oscillations, SE(2)-Snakes and Motion Control: A Study of the Roller Racer. 2000.TR276.Oscillations_SE-2-Snakes_Motion-Control_Roller-Racer.ps.gz.
      19. Zabulis, X., Sporring, J., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (2000). Scale Summarized and Focused Browsing of Primitive Visual Content. 2000.TR271.Scale-Summarization_Primitive_Visual_Content.ps.gz.
      20. Lourakis, M.I.A., Tzurbakis, S.V., Argyros, A. A., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (2000). Using Geometric Constraints for Matching Disparate Stereo Views of 3D Scenes Containing Planes. 2000.TR268.Geometric_Constraints_Matching_Disparate_Stereo_Views.ps.gz.
      21. Sporring, J., Colios, Ch., & Trahanias, P.E. (1999). Generalized Scale-Selection. 1999.TR264.Generalized_Scale-Selection.ps.gz.
      22. Sporring, J., & Trahanias, P.E. (1999). Linear Scale-Space of Spectral and Color Images. 1999.TR263.Linear_Scale-Space_Spectral_Color_Images.ps.gz.
      23. Lourakis, M.I.A. (1998). Egomotion Estimation Using Quadruples of Collinear Image Points. 1998.TR240.Egomotion_Estimation_Using_Collinear_Points.ps.gz.
      24. Argyros, A. A., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1997). Detecting Independently Moving Objects by Eliminating Depth in Normal Flow Fields. 1997.TR189.Independent_Motion_Detection_Depth_Elimination_Normal.Flows.ps.gz.
      25. Lourakis, M.I.A. (1997). Establishing Straight Line Correspondence. 1997.TR208.Establishing_Straight_Line_Correspondence.ps.gz.
      26. Lourakis, M.I.A., Argyros, A. A., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1997). Independent 3D Motion Detection Using Residual Parallax Normal Flow Fields. 1997.TR206.Independent_Motion_Detection_Using_Parallax_Normal_Flow.ps.gz.
      27. Lourakis, M.I.A., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1997). Visual Detection of Obstacles Assuming a Locally Planar Ground. 1997.TR207.Obstacle_Detection_Assuming_Planar_Ground.ps.gz.
      28. Argyros, A. A., Lourakis, M.I.A., Trahanias, P.E., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1996). Independent 3D Motion Detection Through Robust Regression in Depth Layers. 1996.TR159.Independent_Motion_Detection_in_Depth_Layers.ps.gz.
      29. Argyros, A. A., Lourakis, M.I.A., Trahanias, P.E., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1996). Qualitative Detection of 3D Motion Discontinuities. 1996.TR177.3D_Motion_Discontinuities_Detection.ps.gz.
      30. Argyros, A. A., Lourakis, M.I.A., Trahanias, P.E., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1996). Real-time Detection of Maneuvering Objects by a Monocular Observer. 1996.TR160.Maneuvering_Object_Detection.ps.gz.
      31. Trahanias, P.E., Lourakis, M.I.A., Argyros, A. A., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1996, September 2-3). Vision-Based Assistive Navigation for Robotic Wheelchair Platforms. 1996.TR178.Vision_For_Robotic_Wheelchairs.ps.gz, Graz, Austria, September 2-3, (pp. 43-57).
      32. Lourakis, M.I.A. (1995). Non-metric depth representations: Preliminary results. 1995.TR156.Non-metric_depth_representations.ps.gz.
      33. Orphanoudakis, S.C., Chronaki, C., & Kostomanolakis, S.G. (1994). I2C: A System for the Indexing, Storage, and Retrieval of Medical Images by Content.. 1994.TR113.Indexing_Storage_Retrieval_Med.Images.ps.Z.
      34. Argyros, A. A., & Orphanoudakis, S.C. (1992). Load Redistribution Algorithms for Parallel Implementations of Intermediate Level Vision Tasks. 1992.TR48.DAGSPC92.Load_Redistr_in_Vision.ps.Z, Computer Science Department University of Crete, Greece.
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