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    1. Lentaris, G., Stamoulias, J., Lourakis, M.I.A., Zabulis, X., Maragos, K., Diamantopoulos, D., Siozios, K., Soudris, D., & Rodrigalvarez, M. (2014). FPGA use in future space rover navigation. SEFUW: SpacE FPGA Users Workshop, European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), 16-18 September .
    2. Tsakiris, D.P. (2000). Sensor-based Cooperative Following Behavior for Mobile Robots. Book of Abstracts of the First KTISIVIOS Research Network Workshop on Automation in Greek Education, Research and Industry, Athens, Greece, June 23. Organizer: S. Tzafestas.
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