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      1. Kazakidi, A., Sfakiotakis, M., Zabulis, X., & Tsakiris, D.P. (2015). Octopus arm kinematic analysis for use in multi-arm underwater robotic swimmers. IEEE Int. Conf. Rob. Autom. (ICRA’15), Seattle, WA, USA, May 26-30 (pp. 4136).
      2. Kyriazis, N., Oikonomidis, I., & Argyros, A. A. (2012). A GPU-powered Computational Framework for Efficient 3D Model-based Vision. (poster), 5th International Conference on Cognitive Systems (refereed based on poster), COGSYS’2012, Vienna, Austria, Feb. 22-23. (pdf).
      3. Korozi, M., Leonidis, A., Margetis, G., Koutlemanis, P., Zabulis, X., Antona, M., & Stephanidis, C. (2012). Ambient Educational Mini-games. In G. Tortora, S. Levialdi & M. Tucci (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2012), Capri Island (Naples), Italy, 21-25 May (pp. 802-803). New York: ACM Press.
      4. Oikonomidis, I., Kyriazis, N., & Argyros, A. A. (2012). Efficient model based tracking of the articulated motion of hands. (poster), 5th International Conference on Cognitive Systems (refereed based on poster) , COGSYS’2012, Vienna, Austria, Feb. 22-23. (pdf).
      5. Kazakidi, A., Kuba, M., Botvinnik, A., Sfakiotakis, M., Gutnick, T., Hanassy, S., Levy, S., Ekaterinaris, J., Flash, T., Hochner, B., & Tsakiris, D.P. (2012). Swimming Patterns of the Octopus Vulgaris. 22nd Annual Meeting of Neural Control of Movement Society, April 23-29. Venice, Italy.
      6. Kokolakis, A., Lasithiotakis, K., Psycharakis , S., Krasagakis , K., Kruger-Krasagakis, S., Zabulis, X., Sarmis, T., Panteleris, P., Georgiadis , G., Karatzanis , G., Stephanidis, C., & Tosca, A. (2011). A Novel Surface 3-D Imaging System for Psoriatic Lesions. 2nd Panhellenic Symposium of Investigative Dermatology, Candia Maris Hotel, Heraklion, Crete, 30 September-2 October.
      7. Tsakiris, D.P., Menciassi, A., Sfakiotakis, M., LaSpina, G., & Dario, P. (2004). Polychaete-like undulatory robots for search-and-rescue operations. Proc. of the IEEE Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics (SSRR 2004), Bonn, Germany, May 24-26. IEEE (8167-6556-4), Abstract published in the Workshop Proceedings CD-ROM (ISBN 3-8167-6556-4), IEEE, 2004, (pdf).
      8. Tsakiris, D.P., Menciassi, A., Sfakiotakis, M., Spina La, La. G., & Dario, P. (2004). Undulatory locomotion of polychaete annelids: Mechanics, neural control and robotic prototypes. Extended abstract, poster and presentation at the Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS 2004), Baltimore, USA, July 17-22, 2004. Best Presentation Award from the Organization of Computational Neurosciences, (pdf).
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