Health Information Infrastructure

COAS - Clinical Observations Access Service

ΠImplements standardized, public interfaces to any clinical information system, where the complete, original (acquired or physician generated), clinical information is kept.

HRS - Health Resource Service

Used for the identification of available resources (i.e. users, applications, software components) within a regional health information network, together with all related access methods.Examples of resources include pharmacies on-duty, hospitals and clinics, clinical information systems available at a regional level, methods and technologies available for accessing primary information, and protocols for exchanging information with them.

PIDS - Patient Identification Service

Allows for the unique association of distributed patient record segments to a master patient index, and dynamically propagates any information modification to all subscribed parties. It is used for identifying patients based on their demographic data and for the correlation of their IDs across different ID domains.

I-EHR IS - Integrated Electronic Health Record Indexing System

Enables the linking of distributed EHR segments through a hierarchical indexing model.

TS - Terminology Service

Manages (and distributes) coded data through a central point of reference, so that data analysis is facilitated within a health information network. It can be used for the association of existing coding schemes, and to enable the transformation of information from one form or representation to another.

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