HYGEIAnet was implemented during 01/01/1998-31/10/2001 under the INTERREG II program in the context of the project "Crete - A telematics center".


The project's main objective was to contribute to the development of Information Society at the Regional Level. It included R&D in three application domains, culture, health and public administration. By building on the results of previous research and development projects of ICS-FORTH, the main objective of the project was to develop the technological infrastructure of the region, to deploy at a large scale advance multi-sectorial telematics applications and services, to evaluate their cost/benefit and cost effectiveness, and to contribute to the preparation of the Region for entering into the Information age. Especially, regarding to the health domain, HYGEIAnet included  a set of Medical Information Systems and a number of e-health services that developed, deployed and operated in all healthcare organizations of the Regional Healthcare System (ESY) of Crete.

A detailed presentation of the various products and services of  HYGEIANnet which are considered as the predecessors of today’s software suite "Integrated Care Solutions - ICS" of  the Center for eHealth Applications and Services can be found below:

eHealth Collaboration Environment

A collaboration environment allowing health professionals to remotely offer / receive consultation. Health professionals create episode folders and upload or create standardized content in them. They can share this content asynchronously, or "meet" in the episode and use chat and videoconference for real-time communication.

ICS Appointments

ICS Appointments was designed to meet the unique challenges of both inpatient and outpatient scheduling. ICS Appointments can manage complex appointment scheduling activities in an intuitive appointment visual web interface. As an enterprise scheduling and access management tool, ICS Appointments allows you to improve organizational efficiency while maximizing revenue.

Health Information Infrastructure

COAS: Clinical Observations Access Service
HRS: Health Resource Service
PIDS: Person Identification Service
I-EHR IS: Integrated Electronic Health Record Indexing Service
TS: Terminology ServiceCOAS: Υπηρεσία Πρόσβασης σε Κλινικά Δεδομένα

Pre-hospital Health Emergency Management System

The pilot system currently used by EKAB Crete consists of a number of applications providing services to the staff of EKAB and other cooperating healthcare service providers.

Integrated Care Solutions

An application framework for the development of clinical information systems to be used in hospitals, Primary Care Centers and other smaller healthcare-providing units. The ICS Application Framework consists of a workbench for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, together with a set of generic windows and functions.

Integrated Electronic Health Record

An IT Service for professionals or citizens who need a uniform way to access parts of patient record data that are physically located in different clinical information systems. Provides fast, secure and authorized access to distributed patient record information from multiple disparate sources.

Primary Health Care Center Information System

The Primary Health Care Center Information System (PHCCIS) implements a generic and broad-spectrum patient record to be used by General Practitioners. The principle functionality of the system is the electronic storage and management of patient data that are produced during the communication about the patient between two or more (health care) individuals.

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