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Category: european

Project Title: Thematic Network on Quality and Certification of EHR systems

Funding Organization: EC

Programme: FP7-ICT Policy 1.6 -No 238912

Coordinator: European Institute for Health Records

Partners: ProRec Austria, ProRec Belgium, RAMIT - Belgium, ProRec Bulgaria - Bulgaria, Hrvatsko drustvo za medicinsku informatiku - Croatia, Cypriotic Society for Medical Informatics - Cyprus, České národní fórum pro eHealth, o.s – Czech Republic, MEDIQ A/S - Denmark, Eesti E-tervise Sihtasutus - Estonia, ProRec France - France, ProRec Germany - Germany, Foundation for Research and Technology – Greece, National Institute for Strategic Health Research – ESKI – Hungary, ProRec Ireland - Irish Centre for Health Telematics Ltd, ProRec Italy, CRP Henri Tudor - SANTEC - Luxembourg, Stichting ProRec Nederland – The Netherlands, KITH AS - Norway, Marshal's Office of the Lodz Region - Poland, Administraçao Central do Sistema de Saúde, I. P. – Portugal, ProRec Romania - Romanian Association for Electronic Registration of Medical Data, ProRec Serbia - Srpsko udruženje za elektronski zdravstveni karton ProRec Slovakia, Ustanova - ProRec Slovenia, Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada - Spain, Instituto de Salud Carlos III - Spain, ProRec United Kingdom

Duration: 1/02/2009-31/01/2012

Expiration Date: 2012

Total Budget: 789.000€

FORTH ICS budget: 24.000 €

Web Site:

Project Objective: EHR-QTN is a Thematic Network project that prepares the health community across Europe for systematic and comparable quality assurance and certification of e-Health products, more specifically of the Electronic Healthcare Record systems. The project fits with objective 1.6 of the 2nd Call for Proposals for the CIP-ICT PSP program: “Improving certification of eHealth products”, more specifically where the work program refers to the “good practice requirements as elaborated by EuroRec”.

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