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Category: european

Project Title: Action-Grid

Funding Organization: EC

Programme: GA No 224176

Programme Nature: 7th Framework Programme (FP7-ICT)-2007-2

Coordinator: UPM

Partners: Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) Spain,Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) Greece, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (HIBA) Italy, University of Talca (UTalca), HealthGrid, University of Zagreb, Medical School (UNIZG)

Duration: 01/06/2008-30/11/2009

Expiration Date: 2009

Total Budget: 1.000.000 Euro

FORTH ICS budget: 118.770 Euro

Web Site:

Project Objective: The main conceptual objective of ACTION-Grid will be to collect the relevant achievements in the fields of Grid Computing and BMI that can be reused and transferred to Latin America, the Western Balkans and North Africa. By extending the methods proposed in ACTION-Grid such scope could be easily extended to other regions and countries. Such knowledge reuse will be based on previous achievements of the consortium and, of course, from other people and groups. Subobjectives of the project are: 1)To survey Grid-based and BMI initiatives in Europe, Latin America, the Western Balkans and North Africa. These results will be combined with data from a resourceome, an inventory of Grid/Nano/BMI methods and services-, developed by the consortium. 2)Based on previous EC-based projects, ACTION-Grid will foster training and mobility in Grid, BMI and nanoinformatics. 3)To develop a White Paper, in collaboration with a panel of recognized experts. This document will be delivered to the EC to establish a future agenda covering the Grid/Nano/Bio/Medical Informatics areas and develop new plans in Latin America, the Western Balkans and North Africa. 4)To disseminate ACTION-Grid, by means of: (a) An international symposium on Grid and BMI. This conference will be carried out in Europe, with two satellite conferences (b) Scientific publications, (c) Dissemination strategies, such as a Website, Newsletters, Press releases, etc.

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