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Category: european

Project Title: Satellites For Epidemiology and health early warning

Funding Organization: EC

Programme: ESA AO/1-4914/05/F/IZ

Programme Nature: Tender

Coordinator: MEDES

Partners: CNE, GMV ,Remifor, CNES, TTSA, FORTH, Micro-Univr, Astrium, Mediq

Duration: 01/07/2006-31/12/2007

Expiration Date: 2007

Total Budget: 800.000 Euro

FORTH ICS budget: 99.975 Euro

Project Objective: The SAFE project, co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), will develop and demonstrate the added value of satellite communication services, including low and high bandwidth access to Internet, co-operative working and geolocalisation for all phases of biological crisis including prevention, early warning, and crisis management. SAFE aims to establish a roadmap for ESA to determine how satellite services, by enabling or restoring access to information can be integrated in European healthcare systems and civil protection authorities. The SAFE project is part of the ESA telemedicine via satellite transition phase set up to pave the way for the creation of a European user-driven telemedicine via satellite programme. ESA together with the World Health Organization (WHO) is joining forces for reaching this goal. ESA through SAFE and with the assistance of WHO will specify, develop, and demonstrate a European outbreak early warning system that will become a key tool for the national and European bodies in charge of epidemiological surveillance and especially the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC). SAFE aims towards a better assessment of the epidemiological risk based on real-time objective data, which is a strategic objective not only for public health policy but also for the eHealth industry.An end-to-end case of early warning at the onset of an epidemic will be demonstrated at the Heraklion prefecture, in the island of Crete, Greece. The scenario based on epidemiological monitoring after an earthquake, namely the onset of typhoid fever, will validate the SAFE approach within the user community and if successful it could become part of regular earthquake readiness exercises. Furthermore, other demonstrations will be envisaged an implemented, namely related to avian flu and biological and radiological threats. These itinerant and on-demand demonstrations will be implemented all over Europe upon user-request, promoting the added value of SAFE and allowing potential end-users and stakeholders to assess the demonstration according to relevant criteria such us availability, interoperability, security.

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