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Category: commercial

Project Title: ADOL-Anti-doping On Line.

Funding Organization: GSRT,FORTHNET,OAKA

Programme: GSRT-Athletics

Coordinator: FORTHnet

Partners: Forthnet, OAKA, FORTH (on behalf of Forthnet)

Duration: 01/04/2003-30/09/2004

Expiration Date: 2004

Total Budget: 613.219,69 Euro

FORTH ICS budget: 100.000 Euro

Project Objective: The main aim of the Anti-Doping On-Line (ADOL) project is to develop the technology required to maximise the reliability of doping control methods, to increase the speed of tests, and to improve the detection of doping substances. The most important objective of the ADOL project is the development of the On-line Database Collection System. The core of the system is an On-line intelligent database network which provides instant access to large amount of feedback associated with doping control, to every authorised user. Through the use of laptops, PDA’s, and advanced applications, as well as the internet, the system will be fed on-line with data directly from:

  • the Doping Control Lab, concerning the status of the sample analysis process, sample lots info, test results etc,
  • the units which perform the sample collection process (Sampling Units),
  • Legal entities such as the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA), the International Olympic Committee, Foreign Doping Control labs, and others, concerning doping control orders, up-dating information about new substances.

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