Computational BioMedicine Laboratory


Category: european

Project Title: Professionals and citizens network for intergrated care.

Funding Organization: EC/DG XIII-Information Society

Programme: IST-1999-10345

Programme Nature: 5th Framework Programme R&D project-1998-2002

Coordinator: Danish Cent.of Health Telem., GNR Medical Services

Partners: General Medical Services (Payments) Board, Ireland Tele Danmark Consult A/S, Denmark Satakunta Macro Pilot, Finland VTT Information Technology, Finland North Western Health Board, Ireland Servicio Analuz de Salud, Spain ECOMIT, Spaain South & East Belfast Health & Social Services Trust, UK Systems Team plc/In4tek, UK Erasmus University, Netherlands FORTH, Greece University of Ioannina, Greece MN-Medizinische Netzwerke, Germany University Hospital of Iceland, Iceland Minoru/OpenHealth, France Danish Centre for Health Telematics of County of Funen, Denmark

Duration: 01/01/2000-28/02/2003

Expiration Date: 2003

Total Budget: 6.832.048 Euro

FORTH ICS budget: 1.131.313 Euro

Web Site:

Project Objective: The vision of the next generation, comprehensive, user-friendly, secure health care network for patient centered care is the scope of PICNIC. The PICNIC project is directed towards the urgently needed research and development of the integration components and tools, and in defining the architectural specifications for developing the Regional Healthcare Infrastructure needed to realize the vision.

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