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Category: european

Project Title: Regional and International Integrated Telemedicine Network for medical assistance in end stage diseases and organ transplant project.

Funding Organization: EC DG XIII

Programme: HEALTHCARE (HC 4028)

Coordinator: Universite Joseph Fourier (FR)

Partners: Institute Bergonie (FR), VARIMED LLC. (HU), EUROTRANSPLANT (NL), EUROPDONOR (NL), Bratislava Placental Stem Cell Registry Eurocord Slovakia (SK), Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (CZ), Vilnius University Heart Surgery Clinic (LI), Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology, Polish Academy of Science (PL), TELES AG (DE), TRITECH GmbH (DE), Foundation for Nation-Wide Transplantology (HU), Semmelweis University of Medicine (HU), Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University (HU), MEDANINFO Bt. (HU), National Institute of Hematology and Immunology (HU), PRAXIS Medical System (HU), University Medical Center Ljubljana (SL), Infonet d.d.o (SL), Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (GR), BULL S.A (FR), BULL HUNGARY Ltd (HU), Kancellaria Gmk (HU), North Eastern Health Board (IR), VITAMIB (FR), European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (BE), European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (BE), SAMBA Technologies (FR), Het Nederland Kanker Instituut (NL), Universite Joseph Fourier (FR)

Duration: 01/10/1998-31/03/2001

Expiration Date: 2001

Total Budget: 2.095.000 Euro

FORTH ICS budget: 142.800 Euro

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Project Objective: Costs and quality of healthcare are lively issues in Europe, with mainly state-funded medicine. Most health care systems are oriented towards the treatment of acute complications. The overall quality of care of chronic diseases, however, is considered not to be sufficient. Less costly and more effective healthcare systems for Europe’s citizens’ is the major objective of "Healthcare Networks", the application 7 of the Bangemann action-plan, also application 24 and 25 of "Towards the Information Society in the Central and Eastern European Countries". To meet this objective a network of organ transplant centers should be created, based on common standards linking tissue typing laboratories, donor hospitals and different diagnostic centers on the European scale. RETRANSPLANT will implement such a regional network to link different national organ transplant systems, to give on-line access to European transplant coordinators, donor centers, diagnostic specialists, to increase Europe-wide the effectiveness of organ transplant services. RETRANSPLANT is stimulating partnerships between those who are involved in research, development and implementation of information technologies, and user organisations of the different tools of the Health Telematics. RETRANSPLANT consortium believes, that the health care of tomorrow needs to go to patients where they live, instead of patients going to the health care systems. Such a system will save money and lives.

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