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Category: national

Project Title: Crete-A telematics center

Funding Organization: Ministry of National Economy

Programme: INTERREG II

Coordinator: ICS-FORTH

Duration: 01/01/1998-31/10/2001

Expiration Date: 2001

Total Budget: 5.365.370 Euro

FORTH ICS budget: 5.365.370 Euro

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Project Objective: The project's main objective is to contribute to the development of Information Society at the Regional Level. It includes R&D in three application domains, culture, health and public administration. By building on the results of previous research and development projects of ICS-FORTH, the main objective of te project is to develop the technological infrastructure of the region, to deploy at a large scale advance multi-sectorial telematics applications and services, to evaluate their cost/benefit and cost effectiveness, and to contribute to the preparation of the Region for entering into the Information age.

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