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            Ph.D. Theses

          1. Fafalios, P. (2016). Exploiting linked data in exploratory search. May 2016.
          2. Baryannis, G. (2014). A Novel Specification and Composition Language for Services.  (pdf).
          3. Koumakis, L. (2014). Computational methods for knowledge discovery from heterogeneous data sources: methodology and implementation on biological and molecular sources.
          4. Zeginis, Ch. (2014). Cross-Layer Monitoring and Adaptation of Multi-Cloud Service-Based Applications. October 2014.
          5. Papadakos, P. (2013). Interactive Exploration of Multi-Dimensional Information Spaces with Preference Support.  (pdf).
          6. Lyberis, S. (2013). Myrmics: a scalable runtime system for global address spaces
          7. Pappas, N. (2012). Network-Level Cooperation: Throughput, Stability, and Energy Issues.  (pdf).
          8. Passas, G. (2012). VLSI Micro-Architectures for High-Radix Crossbars
          9. Papadakis, Ch (2011). Improving Routing in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems
          10. Athanasopoulos, E. (2011). Modern Techniques for the Detection and Prevention of Web2.0 Attacks
          11. Markaki, M. (2011). Modulation Spectra and their application on Speech Processing. 
          12. Antoniades, D. (2011). Understanding File and Information Sharing Services in Web. 2.0
          13. Kondylakis, H. (2010). Ontology Evolution in Data Integration.  (pdf).
          14. Patkos, Th. (2010). A Formal Theory for Reasoning About Action, Knowledge and Time.  (pdf).
          15. Tzamali, E. (2010). Computational study of the metabolic diversity of the bacterium E.Coli. December 2010.
          16. Pantazis, I. (2010). Decomposition of AM-FM Signals with Applications in Speech Processing. April 2010.
          17. Kavadias, S.G. (2010). Direct Communication and Synchronization Mechanisms in Chip Multiprocessors
          18. Holzapfel, A. (2010). Similarity Methods for Computational Ethnomusicology. April 2010.
          19. Tsiaras, V. (2009). Algorithms for the Analysis and Visualization og Biomedical Networks. November 2009.
          20. Tzagkarakis, G. (2009). Bayesian Compressed Sensing using Alpha- Stable Distributions. November 2009.
          21. Spanakis, E.G. (2009). Cross Layer rate adaptation in wireless Ad Hoc Network. November 2009.
          22. Bikakis, A. (2009). Defeasible Contextual Reasoning in Ambient Intelligence.  (pdf).
          23. Antonatos, S. (2009). Defending against known and unknown attacks using a Network of Affined Honeypots. November 2009.
          24. Flouri, K. (2009). Distributed Algorithms for Support Vector Machine training in Wireless Sensor Networks. November 2009.
          25. Triantafyllou, D. (2009). Exploit Link- state routing to improve TCP in mobile Ad Hoc Networks. November 2009.
          26. Polychronakis, M. (2009). Generic Detection of code Injection Attacks using network- level Emulation. November 2009.
          27. Papadakis, S. (2009). Wireless Network Device Position Location System. November 2009.
          28. Angelakis, V (2008). Power Control- based Design Considerations for Ad hoc and Mesh Networking. July 2008.
          29. Kritikos, K. (2008). QoS- Based Web Service Description and Discovery.  (pdf).
          30. Chrysos, N. (2007). Request- Grant Scheduling for Congestion Elimination in Multistage Networks. May 2007.
          31. Agiomyrgiannakis, G. (2007). Sinusoidal Coding of Speech for Voice over IP. February 2007.
          32. Maniadakis, M. (2006). Design and Integration of Agent- based Partial Brain Models for Robotic Systems by means of Hierarchical Cooperative CoEvolution. July 2006.
          33. Flouris, G. (2006). On Belief Change and Ontology Evoolution.  (pdf).
          34. Foka, A.F. (2005). Predictive Autonomus Robot Navigation. June 2005.
          35. Baltzakis, H. (2004). A Hybrid Framework for mobile Robot Navigation Modelling with Switching State Space Networks. February 2004.
          36. Papadakis, N. (2004). Action Theories in Temporal Databases.  (pdf).
          37. Tzitzikas, I. (2002). Collaborative Ontology- based Infromation Indexing and Retrieval.  (pdf).
          38. Zampoulis, X. (2002). Perceptually Relevant Mechanisms for the Description and Retrieval of Visual Information. February 2002.
          39. Theodorakis, E. (2001). Contextualization: An Abstraction Mechanism for Information Modeling.  (pdf).
          40. Marazakis, E. (2000). Service Composition and Service- level Agreements in Open Distributed Systems. December 2000.
          41. Lourakis, E. (1999). Navigation of Autonomous Robotic Systems Based on the Analysis of Visual Motion. March 1999.
          42. Vasilis, S. (1998). Performance Analysis and Pricing in Broadband Networks. April 1998.
          43. Fouskas, G. (1996). On-line Mechanisms for Traffic Control in ATM Networks. November 1996.
          44. Argyros, A. A. (1996). Visual Detection of Independent 3D Motion by a Moving Observer. November 1996.
          45. Spanoudakis, G. (1994). Analogical Similarity of Objects: A Conceptual Modeling Approach. December 1994.
          46. Katalagarianos, P. (1994). Employing Genericity and Case- Based Reasoning to Effectively Reuse Code. June 1994.
          47. Petrakis, E. (1993). Image Representation , Indexing and Retrieval Based on Spatial Relationships and Properties of Objects. December 1993.
          48. Damianakis, A. (1992). Towards a methodology for efficient parallel implementation of image analysis tasks. August 1992.
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