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Technical & Research Reports (421)

        ICS-FORTH Technical Reports

      1. Kolokasis, I.K., & Pratikakis , P. (2018). Cut to Fit: Tailoring the Partitioning to the Computation. 2018.TR469_Cut_To_Fit_Partitioning_Evaluation.pdf.
      2. Pavlidakis, M., Mavridis, S., Sfakianakis, Y.S, Symeonidou, C., Chrysos, N., & Bilas, A. (2018). Flexy : Elastic Provisioning of Accelerators in MultiGPU Servers. 2018.TR474_Flexy_Elastic_Provisioning_Accelerators_MultiGPU_Servers.pdf.
      3. Fatourou, P., & Ruppert, E. (2018). Persistent Non-Blocking Binary Search Trees Supporting Wait-Free Range Queries . 2018.TR470_Persistent_non_Blocking_Binary_Search_Trees.pdf.
      4. Katehakis, D.G., Kouroubali, A., Karatzanis, I., Manousos, D., Kondylakis, H., Kavlentakis, G., Stathiakis, N., Koumakis, L., Chatzimina, M., & Marias, K. (2018). Personal Health ICT Systems to Support Integrated Care Solutions. 2018.TR472_ICT_Systems_Integrated_Care_Solutions.pdf.
      5. Kanellou, E.K., Chrysos, N.I., & Bilas, A. (2018). Αccelerator Deployment Models for Heterogeneous Processing Nodes and Datacenters. 2018.TR473_Accelerator_Deployment_Models_Heterogeneous_Processing.pdf.
      6. Gouidis, F., Patkos, Th., Flouris, G., & Plexousakis, D. (2017). The DRA* Algorithm. 2017.TR468_THE_DRA_ALGORITHM.pdf.
      7. Spyratos, N., & Sugibuchi, T. (2017). HiFun-A High Level Functional Query Language for Big Data Analytics. 2017.TR467_HiFu_Query_Language_Big_Data_Analytics.pdf.
      8. Zakkak, F. S. (2017). Java on Scalable Memory Architectures. 2017.TR464_JAVA_on_Scalable_Memory_Architectures.pdf.
      9. Zakkak, F. S., & Pratikakis , P. (2016). DiSquawk: 512 cores, 512 memories, 1 JVM. 2016.TR470_DiSquawk_512cores_512memories.pdf.
      10. Karamaounas, P., Zacharopoulos, A., Hatzigiannakis, K., Andrianakis, M., Melessanaki, K., & Zabulis, X. (2016). Multispectral image registration based on keypoint matching and homography estimation for cultural heritage artifacts. 2016.TR464_multispectralImage.pdf.
      11. Patkos, Th., Bikakis, A., & Flouris, G. (2016). Rating Comments on the Social Web using a Multi-Aspect Evaluation Framework. 2016.TR463_Rating_Comments_Social_Web.pdf.
      12. Roussakis, I., Chrysakis, I., Stefanidis, K., Flouris, G., & Stavrakas, Y. (2015). A Flexible Framework for Understanding the Dynamics of Evolving RDF Datasets: Extended Version. 2015.TR456_Flexible_Framework_Evolving_RDF_Datasets.pdf.
      13. Fortetsanakis, G., & Papadopouli, M. (2015). A Detailed Game-Theoretical Analysis of the WiFi Offloading in Wireless Markets. 2015.TR461_Game_Theoretical_Analysis_WiFi_Wireless_Markets.pdf.
      14. Papagiannakis, G., Argento, E.A., Baka, E.B., Maniadakis, M., & Trahanias, P.E. (2015). A virtual reality brainwave entrainment method for human augmentation applications. 2015.TR458_VIRTUAL_REALITY_BRAINWAVE.pdf.
      15. Fatourou, P., Kallimanis, N., Kanellou, E.K., Makridakis, O., & Symeonidou, C. (2015). Distributed data structures for future many-core architectures. 2015.TR447.Apr2015.pdf.
      16. Ntelidakis, A., Zabulis, X., & Koutlemanis, P. (2015). Lateral touch detection and localization for interactive, augmented planar surfacesy. 2015.TR_459_LateralTouchDetection.pdf.
      17. Poulios, P.D. (2015). Low-Latency Implementation of Network Sockets over Remote DMA. 2015.TR455_Low-Latency_Network_Sockets_Remote_DMA.pdf.
      18. Papaefthymiou, M.P, Plelis, K.P, Mavromatis, D.M., & Papagiannakis, G. (2015). Mobile Virtual Reality Featuring a six degrees of freedom interaction paradigm in a virtual museum application. 2015.TR462_Mobile_Virtual_Reality_Freedom_Interaction.pdf.
      19. Velegrakis, J.V. (2015). Operating System Mechanisms for Remote Resource Utilization in ARM Microservers. 2015.TR452_Operating_System_Mechanisms_ARM_Microservers.pdf.
      20. Tsioliaridou, N. A., & Ioannidis, S. (2014). Building Software Defined Materials with Nanonetworks. 2014.TR447_Software_Defined_Materials_Nanonetworks.pdf.
      21. Armen, A. P., & Tsamardinos, I. (2014). Estimation and Control of the False Discovery Rate of Bayesian Network Skeleton Identification. 2014.TR441_Bayesian_Network_Skeleton_Identification.pdf.
      22. Katsarakis, M., & Theodosiadis, V.T, Papadopouli, M. (2014). On the Evaluation of a User-centric QoS-based recommendation tool for wireless access. 2014 TR445_QoE-based_Recommendation_Tool_Evaluation.pdf.
      23. Ploumidis, E., Pappas, N., Siris, V., & Traganitis, A.P. (2014). SHORT TERM WIRELESS CHANNEL STATE PREDICTION USING MARKOV MODELS AND SUPERVISED LEARNING. 2014.TR448_Wireless_Channel_State_Prediction.pdf.
      24. Kallimanis, N., & Fatourou, P. (2014). The Power of Scheduling-Aware Synchronization. 2014.TR442_Scheduling-Aware_Synchronization.pdf.
      25. Sfakianakis, Y.S, Mavridis, S., Fountoulakis, M., Papageorgiou, S.P, Chasapis, K., Papagiannis, A., Marazakis, M., & Bilas, A. (2014). Vanguard:Increasing Server Utilization via Workload Isolation in the Storage I/O Path. TR446_Vanguard_Increasing_Server_Utilization_Storage.pdf.
      26. Fatourou, P., Kanellou, E.K., Kosmas, E., & Rabbi, R.F. (2014). WFR-TM: Wait-Free Readers Without Sacrificing Speculation of Writers. 2014.TR449_WFR-TM..pdf.
      27. Doerr, M., & Hiebel, G.H (2013). CRMgeo: Linking the CIDOC CRM to GeoSPARQL through a Spatiotemporal Refinement. 2013.TR435_CRMgeo_CIDOC_CRM_GeoSPARQL.pdf.
      28. Flouris, G., Bikakis, A., Patkos, Th., & Plexousakis, D. (2013). Globally Interconnecting Persuasive Arguments: The Vision of the Persuasive Web. 2013.TR438_The_Vision_of_the_Persuasive_Web.pdf.
      29. Lyberis, S. (2013). Myrmics: A Scalable Runtime System for Global Address Spaces. 2013.TR436_Myrmics_Scalable_Runtime_System_Global_Address_Spaces.pdf.
      30. Bushkov, V.B, Fatourou, P., & Dziuma, D.D, Guerraoui, R.G (2013). Snapshot Isolation Does Not Scale Either. 2013.TR437_Snapshot_Isolation_Does_Not_Scale_Either.pdf.
      31. Dziuma, D.D, Fatourou, P., & Kanellou, E.K. (2013). Survey on consistency conditions. 2013.TR439_Survey_on_Consistency_Conditions.pdf.
      32. Traganitis, A.P., Pappas, N., & Ploumidis, M. (2013). Throughput-Optimal Flow Allocation on Multiple Disjoint Paths for Random Access Wireless Multi-hop Networks. 2013.TR432_Throughput-Optimal_Flow_Allocation_on_Multiple_Disjoint_Paths.pdf.
      33. Tzenakis, G., Papatriantafyllou, A., Zakkak, F. S., Vandierendonck, H., Pratikakis , P., & Nikolopoulos, D. (2012). BDDT: Block-level Dynamic Dependence Analysis for Deterministic Task-Based Parallelism. 2012 TR426_Block-level_Dynamic_Dependence_Analysis_for_Deterministic_Task-Based_Parallelism.pdf.
      34. Kouroubali, A., Katehakis, D.G., Berler, A., & Tsiknakis, M.N. (2012). Electronic Health Records: An Implementation proposal for National Health Care organizations. 2012.TR431_EHR.pdf.
      35. Tzompanaki, K., & Doerr, M. (2012). Fundamental Categories and Relationships for Intuitive querying CIDOC-CRM based repositories. 2012.TR429_Intuitive_querying_CIDOC-CRM.pdf.
      36. Pratikakis , P., Chinis, G, Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2012). Practical Information Flow for Legacy Web Applications. 2012.TR428_Practical-Information_Flow_for_Legacy_Web_Applications.pdf.
      37. Lyberis, S., & Kalokairinos, G. (2012). The 512-core Formic Hardware Prototype : Architecture Manual & Programmer's Model. 2012.TR430_The_512-core_Formic_Hardware_Prototype.pdf.
      38. Passas, G. (2012). VLSI Micro-Architectures for High-Radix Crossbars. 2012.TR427_VLSI_Micro-Architectures_High-Radix_Crossbars.pdf.
      39. Ostrowski, M., Flouris, G., Schaub, T., & Antoniou, G. (2011). Evolution of Ontologies using ASP. 2011.TR415_Evolution_Ontologies_ASP.pdf.
      40. Fortetsanakis, G., Katsoulakis, M., & Papadopouli, M. (2011). A game-theoretical modeling framework for spectrum markets and cognitive-radio devices. 2011.TR414_game-theoretical_modeling_cognitive-radio_devices.pdf.
      41. Argyros, A. A., Oikonomidis, I., & Kyriazis, N. (2011). A GPU-powered computational framework for efficient 3D model-based vision. 2011.TR420_GPU-powered_computational_framework.pdf.
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      46. Gessiou, E., Athanasopoulos, E., & Ioannidis, S. (2011). Digging up Social Structures from Documents on the Web. 2011.TR412_Social_Structures_Documents_on_the_web.pdf.
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      50. Ligouras, S. (2011). Protecting the Social Graph: Client-side mitigation of Cross-Site Content Forgery attacks. Προστατεύοντας τον Κοινωνικό Γράφο: Αντιμετώπιση Cross-Site Content Forgery επιθέσεων στην πλευρά του χρήστη
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