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  1. Christophides, V., Efthymiou, V., & Stefanidis, K. (2015).  Entity Resolution in the Web of DataSynthesis Lectures on The Semantic Web: Theory and Technology.  Morgan and Claypool.
  2. Papadopouli, M., & Schulzrinne, H. (2009). Peer-to-Peer Computing for Mobile Networks: Information Discovery and Dissemination.  Secaucus, NJ, USA: Springer-Verlag New York, Inc, (ISBN 0387244271).
  3. Antoniou, G., & vanHarmelen, F. (2008). A Semantic Web Primer, 2nd Edition.  Cambridge, MA, USA: MIT Press, (ISBN ISBN-10: 0-262-01242-1 ISBN-13: 978-0-262-01242-3).
  4. Argyros, A. A., Bartfai, G., Eitzinger, C., Kemeny, Z., Csaji, B.Cs., Kek, L., Lourakis, M.I.A., Reisner, W., Sandrisser, W., Sarmis, T., Umgeher, G., & Viharos, Z. (2007). Smart Sensor Based Vision System for Automated Processes. in "Emerging Technologies, robotics and Control Systems"Vol. 2 (ISBN 978-88-901928-9-5).
  5. Antoniou, G., & vanHarmelen, F. (2004). A Semantic Web Primer.  Cambridge, MA, USA: MIT Press, (ISBN 0262012103).
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