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                1. Guelfi, N., & Savidis, A. (2006). Rapid Integration of Software Engineering Techniques. Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on "Rapid Integration of Software Engineering Techniques", Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 8-9 September, Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg (LNCS 3943) (0302-9743 (Print) 1611-3349 (Online) 978-3-540-34063-8).
                2. Stephanidis, C., & Pieper, M. (Eds.). (2006). Universal Access in Ambient Intelligence Environments - Proceedings of the 9th ERCIM International Workshop 'User Interfaces for All'. Königswinter, Germany, 27-28 September 2006. Berlin Heidelberg: LNCS 4397 (ISBN 978-3-540-71024-0), Editorial: Stephanidis, C. & Pieper, M. (2006). 9th ERCIM Workshop "User Interfaces for All", Königswinter, Germany, 27-28 September, pp. ix-x..
                3. Stephanidis, C. (1996). Proceedings of the 2nd ERCIM Workshop 'User Interfaces for All'. Prague, Czech Republic, 7-8 November (122 pages). Editorial: Stephanidis, C. (1996). 2nd ERCIM Workshop "User Interfaces for All", Prague, Czech Republic, 7-8 November (1 page).
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