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        1. FORTH, ICS (2012). «Ηλεκτρονικός Φάκελος Υγείας: Πολυτέλεια ή Ανάγκη;». December, E&T Magazine of GSRT.
        2. FORTH, ICS (2008). Great internet usage for health issues by youths. 18 May, KATHIMERINI (Newspaper), http://news.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_world_2_18/05/2008_270168.
        3. FORTH, ICS (2008). What european study, with participation from FORTH, has shown: "Also from Internet as well the informing on health issues. dECEMBER, patris (Newspaper), http://www.patris.gr/articles/147118.
        4. FORTH, ICS (2007). Multi-branch exercise on a disaster scenario. 18 oCTOBER, http://www.patris.gr/articles/119713.
        5. FORTH, ICS (2007). "Healing" Internet. 26 February, http://www.ics.forth.gr/bmi/In_the_News/2007/eworking.pdf.
        6. FORTH, ICS (2007). FORTH saves lives. 28 May, http://www.neakriti.gr/news/newsf.php?ArtID=26554.
        7. FORTH, ICS (2007). Heraklion "wakes up" from a big earthquake 6.8 R. 2 November, TOLMI (Newspaper), http://www.2810.gr/index.php?gt=S&id=42817.
        8. FORTH, ICS (2007). Readiness exercise in case of an earthquake. PATRIS. 2 November, http://www.patris.gr/articles/120864.
        9. FORTH, ICS (2007). Telemedicine: Health alert via satellite. 30 November, ESA News (European Space Agency), http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEM7DK73R8F_index_0.html.
        10. FORTH, ICS (2006). Telemedical network in Crete - Cyclades. 19 November, http://www.ics.forth.gr/_pdf/brochures/ethnos-19-11-2006-scan.pdf.
        11. FORTH, ICS (2006). Completion of the In-Silico Oncology Workshop. 29 September, http://www.patris.gr/articles/94826?PHPSESSID=f9069e702ee7dbc9a0cab1c06984ae4b.
        12. FORTH, ICS (2006). Information day on new technologies in health care. 29 September, http://www.patris.gr/articles/97317.
        13. FORTH, ICS (2006). Telemedicine services. 9 March, http://www.patris.gr/articles/81153.
        14. FORTH, ICS (2006). TWISTER network: Innovative services in the primary health care of Crete. E&T Magazine of GSRT, http://www.gsrt.gr/default.asp?V_ITEM_ID=4642.
        15. FORTH, ICS (2006). With delay the first electronic steps of Greece. 2 April, http://news.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_ell_615712_02/04/2006_179382.
        16. FORTH, ICS (2005). Important excellence at FORTH in Medical Informatics area. 10 oCTBER, http://www.naftemporiki.gr/news/static/05/10/10/1106157.htm.
        17. FORTH, ICS (2005). International excellence at FORTH in Medical Informatics area. 11 OCTOBER, http://www.patris.gr/articles/70794.
        18. FORTH, ICS (2005). ΕΚΑΒ Κρήτης: Υπηρεσίες και Εφαρμογές. 
        19. FORTH, ICS (2005). Τεχνολογίες Πληροφορικής και Τηλεματικής στην Υγεία. 
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