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          M.S. Theses

        1. Kornaropoulos, E.M. (2012). Dominance Drawing of Non-Planar Graphs. 
        2. Maniadi, E. (2011). Analysis and Visualization of Metabolic Networks: A Hyper-Graph based approach
        3. Armen, A. P. (2011). Estimation and Control of the False Discovery Rate in Bayesian Network Skeleton Identification, with Application to Biological Data
        4. Triantafullou, S. (2010). Learning Causal Structure From Overlapping Variable Sets. March 2010.
        5. Moudatsos, M. (2008). Dual Graph Partitioning of Cellular Networks: Inferring and Quantifying the Graph Properties that Quarantee a Partition Result. December 2008.
        6. Oikonomou, Th. (2007). InBrAiN: An Interactive Tool for Brain Analysis and Visualization. May 2007.
        7. Kondylakis, H. (2006). Quete: Query Processing in Distributed Database Systems.  (pdf).
        8. Papoutsidis, E. (2006). A Biomedical GRID Infrastructure to Enable High-performing Data Mining and Knowledge Extraction Operations. April 2006.
        9. Symeonidis, A. (2006). microRNA Regulatory Networks and the Gene Ontology: Analysis and Visualization. April 2006.
        10. Moustakas, I. (2005). A Biologically Inspired Architecture using Autonomous Agents for Content-based Image Retrieval with Application to Brain Magnetic Resonance Images. April 2005.
        11. Papamanthou, Ch. (2005). Computing Longest Path Parameterized st-Orientations of Graphs: Algorithms and Applicataions. 2005.
        12. Arvelakis, A. (2005). Using Treemaps to visualize Gene Microarray and Phylogenetic Data. March 2005.
        13. Zacharioudakis, G. (2004).  Smart service discovery protocols over Bluetooth ad-hoc personal area networks
        14. Lelis, P. (2004). An Environment for Designing, Composing, and Editing Standardized Clinical Documents. April 2004.
        15. Kontos, A. (2004). Design and Development of applications supporting mobile access to clinical information systems. April 2004.
        16. Tzelepis, Th. (2004). Design and Development of Clinical Imformation Systems, based on Archetypes Methodology. April 2004.
        17. Kaoukakis, S. (2004). Design, development and comparison of alternatives architectural approaches of communication based on HL7 Standard. April 2004.
        18. Spanakis, E.G. (2004). Routing ISSUES in mobile ad-hoc wireless networks. April 2004.
        19. Koumakis, E. (2004). Uniform Modelling and Intelligent Data Processing in Distributed and Hererogeneous Clinical Information Sources. April 2004.
        20. Dimou, Ch. (2003). Implementation of a Medical Collaboration Environment, based on XML Technology. November 2003.
        21. Chatzaki, A. (2001). Design and Implementation of Security Services in a Healthcare Telematics Netowork using Cryptographic Smart Cards. November 2001.
        22. Tzourmpakis, St. (1999). Feature Correspondence Using the Geometry of Scenes Containing at least Two Planes. November 1999.
        23. Tzova, E. (1999). Grouping of Image Features on Principles of Perceptual organization. November 1999.
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