CARV Laboratory

12 June 2014: Presentation of Foivos S. Zakkak and Polyvios Pratikakis, JDMM: a java memory model for non-cache-coherent memory architectures In Proceedings of the 2014 international symposium on Memory management

The GreenVM Project has started on September 27th 2012 and its end date is set for the 26th of September 2015.

GreenVM has been staffed at early 2013 by three Principal Investigators, two Graduate students and one Post-doctoral Researcher.

For the needs of the project two servers have been obtained, each consisted of:
  • CPU: 4x AMD 32nm 16-Core Opteron 6200 Series Processors - total 64 cores per server
  • RAM: 256 GB DDR3
  • DISK: 64 GB SSD